Who we are

Talented technical, creative, service-minded professionals, motivated to help create your success!

Marketers, Scientists, Designers, Artists
We are the perfect blend of rigor, technical precision, science, strategy, sales, writing, and pure creativity, design and artistry. Successful business, whether starting up, or growing, need both, in balance, to succeed in today's marketplace.

Our professional team are business & product & regulatory managers, scientists, engineers, writers, designers and artists integrated seamlessly as your request, for each project, executing with great skill, urgency and accomplishment, with you, for you, to your REQs, to help you start, grow your successful business.

Our clients

Our clients are our protected trust. Eventually several will granted their permission to share!

Why choose us

We have what you need.

Skills & experience - critical core competencies

Raw, natural vision and out-of-box thinking

Listening & accomplishing promptly to your REQs

Necessary resources applied efficiently

Our history

A vision to succeed, accomplish and grow great new companies, and their products....

  • '96-'08 Experiencing
    Performing in an excellent mix of Fortune 100 & Startup companies, perfecting our skills: business planning, market analysis, R&D engineering, inventing, trademarking, designing - in great companies - of innovative products.

  • 2009 Entity Formation
    Then decided to do it for you. Formed, with a small group of like-minded owners, and began recruiting our team and attracting our partners. Launched our initial site to communicate our service vision to the public.

  • 2009- Corp ID Pckg
    Developed broad product line offering, in niche of competitive, regulated industry of medical devices design & development services. Trademark, mission statement, slogan, website, brochures, business cards.

  • 2009- NP Corp ID Pckg
    Developed their market niche of innovative services in delicate, demanding world of US Not-for-Profit Public Benefit Corps (significantly physically disabled). Trademarks, mission statement, slogan, business cards.

  • 2010 Realigned Corp ID
    Developed new (of 4) business unit in Contract Manufacturing. New Company name, website, color scheme, trademark development, slogan, pledge, corporate brochure, executive's business cards.

  • 2011 New Product Lines
    For a Medical and Cosmetic Device Co, reformulated product lines, model naming, color scheme, Instructions for Use, align to Technical file and EU Directives and CE mark requirements.